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About High Plains News
Sound Exposure For Rural Voices

"The High Plains News Service is one of a kind. You don't hear programs like it anywhere else....the High Plains News Service is a high quality news and information show."

Welcome to the High Plains News Service (HPNS). If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to us, you're in for a treat! You've discovered the news service that covers the real issues from a community perspective. We take pride in providing quality, in-depth coverage of news important to rural America.

Filling the Gap…HPNS fills the growing void between local news, and national and international programming. HPNS is the only news and information program covering the Rocky Mountain and Northern Great Plains Region. HPNS not only covers issues important to the Western Region, but also serves as a missing link, connecting rural citizens across the nation.

Building the Network…The High Plains News Service takes a leading role in building a regional, community news network. HPNS builds coalitions and a growing recognition of HPNS as the news network of the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountain Region. "High Plains News Service covers real issues that affect rural America and provides stories and information to our station that we wouldn't normally get."

Almost every year since HPNS' inception, High Plains News has been presented with various awards for excellence in local and regional programming from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the American Lung Association, a Scripps Howard National Journalism Award, a Gabriel Award,  and an Oscar in Agriculture. HPNS' programs are created for all public and community radio stations. HPNS works to expand the dialogue about issues of concern to people across the region and the nation.

"High Plains News is a vehicle to share Native American culture with other diverse peoples of the West. The news is informational and educational." -

Three Times a Year
High Plains News produces its award-winning special program, Rural Voices. These 30-minute programs take an in-depth look at issues affecting our region. Our reporters talk to Western people about issues they care about. Western Waters: Rivers at Risk explored problems facing our streams and what can be done to solve them. Another special, Health Care: Rural Realities, addressed health insurance and diversity in care for rural people of different races, cultures and ages. During the summer of 1997 we heard about lives attacked by racial slurs, death threats and bombs in Intimidation & Conflict: How to Respond.We've also examined impacts of uncontrolled growth on wildlife, agriculture, infrastructure, taxes, and community.  Featuring voices and perspectives of grassroots people, Sprawl:  The Cost of Uncontrolled Growth explored booming development and its consequences on local economies,  the environment, and quality of life.

Most recently High Plains News won a Silver Reel Award for Western Stampede: The Rush for Coalbed Methane at the annual meeting of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters in February, 2003.

HPNS Roots
High Plains News is a project of the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC), a regional association of seven grassroots membership organizations: Dakota Resource Council (North Dakota); Dakota Rural Action (South Dakota); Idaho Rural Council (Idaho); Northern Plains Resource Council (Montana); Oregon Rural Action (Oregon); Powder River Basin Resource Council (Wyoming); and Western Colorado Congress (Colorado). WORC represents 8,250 farmers, ranchers, small business and laboring people concerned with the preservation of family based agriculture, the environment, and the use of natural resources. WORC's purpose is to ensure an informed and effective voice on public policy decisions affecting the people of this region.

The High Plains News Service
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